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Toll in Poland

OBU (On-board unit) for Poland

The on-board unit (OBU) is a hybrid electronic technical device enabling the unambiguous identification and position of a vehicle by an electronic toll system without stopping the vehicles (systems without toll gates)

Registration in e-TOLL

PaySystem s.r.o. offers its customers a certified on-board unit (OBU) for the Polish e-TOLL toll system. The customer must register himself.

How do I get an OBU ?

You can address your interest to e-mail: and then we will send you the Price List and Terms & Conditions, or you can fill out our application form directly.

After signing the Contract, we will send the on-board units by courier to the address of your choice in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, or you will be able to pick them up from our warehouse in Bratislava.

How much is paid for an OBU ?

The customer will pay a deposit for each on-board unit and at the same time PaySystem s.r.o. will invoice monthly for the services provided.

Charged toll is paid separately by the customer directly to the e-TOLL system in prepaid regime.

I currently use a certified type of OBU in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Can I use the same OBU in the new e-TOLL system in Poland ?


A new OBU must be issued for the Polish toll system, as the toll systems of the countries are separate and the services of providing on-board units are defined exclusively on the territory of the given state by the operator of the toll system.



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